a little over halfitecture

As of the beginning of January I will be starting work, at an architecture practice. This has been an amazing surprise for me as I only applied to the practice on Monday night. I was then interviewed on the Tuesday and was offered the job on the Wednesday morning. I really can’t believe how quickly this has sprung up. However, after a day or so, I started thinking about what this meant for the halfitect.

The main reason I began the blog was to keep my mind somewhere in the realm of architecture while being unemployed/exploring other lines of work. In past experience, practice life naturally kept me quite well-informed of internal architecture news but I still needed to find the more arts-related stories for myself. At least in this respect, the blog should carry on as normal.

Admittedly, I also used this as a design outlet for not being in practice. I’ve been spending a lot of time on my portfolio lately and haven’t done much in the way of blogging but the original intention was to publish my ideas and maybe gain feedback. I suppose I won’t need this element so much but I’ll aim to post some of my non-practice work when possible.

Thirdly, I tried to write constructively about my unemployment and my adventures trying to find work but (hopefully) this shouldn’t be an issue for a while. Instead I’ll try to post any adverts, websites etc that I found useful or discover in the coming months. I know there are lots of supercool people who helped me look for work, many of whom are still on the lookout themselves so I owe plenty of favours. Also, while it’s beyond brilliant to have found a job, I have to remind myself that the market is still rather unstable and that any minute I could be back to square one. For now though, I feel very fortunate.

I think the previous aim flows into my experiences returning to practice. I’ve been away from the office for about two and a half years so there are bound to be a few problems to overcome as I get up to speed. Obviously I won’t disclose any information about the firm on here or its projects for confidentiality reasons but I’ll keep this updated on my general progress adjusting back to practice life.

So while my viewpoint has shifted, I still hope to continue with the blog’s original intentions. Not to mention the fact that I am still not an architect… yet! 😀


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