now for zumthor completely different

I’m really interested in seeing what Peter Zumthor creates for 2011’s Serpentine Pavilion (Hyde Park, London). Zumthor demands complete freedom from his clients – useful experience when you are commissioned to build… well, anything you want.

While half of me (the jealous half) disagrees with his stance on client-involvement, the other is mesmerised by his architecture. Most of his work is in hard-to-reach parts of central Europe and as a result, they tend to become sites of pilgrimage for architects.

But having followed Zumthor’s work for a several years, I actually feel quite ashamed that I haven’t seen any of his structures in the flesh.

Therefore, as this will be his first building in the UK  – and within easy reach of my lodgings –  I will try and follow its progress and post some photos along the way.  Afterwards, I’ll start planning my central European holiday!

Link to Architects Journal article


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