When I began this blog in October 2009, I had been “between desks” for about six months… or unemployed, to give it its proper title. I’d studied architecture for six years but while I was no longer a student, I still couldn’t use the title of architect. So I was unofficially a halfitect.

The intention of the blog was to use my large supply of free time to investigate and comment on architecture, the arts and anything else I found exciting. Luckily, after about three months I have suddenly found a job.

It will still take 12 months to gain the title during which time I will have to keep said job, fit back into practice and work towards the qualification. I’ll keep posting architecture/arts/interesting stuff on the blog but will also comment on my adventures adjusting back into gainful employment.

PS. I am still a halfitect. 🙂

The Original:

After six years of studying architecture I would usually be in the joyous situation of needing just one year in practice to qualify as an architect. Alas, jobs in 2009 are thin on the ground and therefore I currently find myself “between desks”. Or unemployed, to give it its proper title.

Rather than get myself down due to a case of severe bad timing, I have taken up a friend’s suggestion and decided to start writing a blog. But what should I blog about? And how should I do it?

Probably the best thing about not having either a job or course of study is that I do get a lot of freedom. I can investigate any ideas I want to, spend as much time as I like on them and if they don’t prove too interesting I can always set them aside and head off in another direction. These ideas may be purely about architecture but I may throw in anything else I am interested in!

I’m no longer a student, nor am I an architect.

I am a halfitect!


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