peter zumthor

I need to finish a paper for tomorrow but some images of Peter Zumthor’s Serpentine Pavilion have just emerged.

I’ll comment (hopefully after visiting) in a few days but for now, more information can be found below.'s painting overlaid on the technical plan and section.


I’m really interested in seeing what Peter Zumthor creates for 2011’s Serpentine Pavilion (Hyde Park, London). Zumthor demands complete freedom from his clients – useful experience when you are commissioned to build… well, anything you want.

While half of me (the jealous half) disagrees with his stance on client-involvement, the other is mesmerised by his architecture. Most of his work is in hard-to-reach parts of central Europe and as a result, they tend to become sites of pilgrimage for architects.

But having followed Zumthor’s work for a several years, I actually feel quite ashamed that I haven’t seen any of his structures in the flesh.

Therefore, as this will be his first building in the UK  – and within easy reach of my lodgings –  I will try and follow its progress and post some photos along the way.  Afterwards, I’ll start planning my central European holiday!

Link to Architects Journal article